The mobile wallet for decentralized finance

Borrowing, Lending, Exchange and native in-wallet Staking for everyone. Start building your passive income strategy now.

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Provide and manage assets on liquidity pools


Supply ETH, WETH, BAT, DAI and earn interest


Collateralize Eth and borrow DAI in exchange


Stake LOOM to the pool and earn delegated PoS fees

Pos Staking
at your fingertip

Native, in-wallet staking for everyone. Delegations, Redemptions and staking performance tracking on your phone

As easy as a saving account, with up to 3x more gains

On DexWallet, Liquidity supply interest rates are usually from 2 to 5 times higher than what's offered by your bank


Mobile Native dApps

We integrated the best apps on our Store so you can use them without ever leaving the wallet

Payments have never been so fast

Whether it's going to be in person or online, you will be able to use Dexwallet to spend DAI and other Tokens on DexPay


Michael Dunworth - CEO Wyre

DexWallet gets it. The product is beautiful and isn't just a wallet. It's a lens into your financial machine that's working for you. Returns, loans, exchanging, if it's not the UI for the next 100M, then whatever will be is going to be damn close.


Patricio Worthalter - CEO Milliwatt

I truly believe that wallets are a major component in the road to adoption and mainstream use of cryptocurrencies and Dexwallet has positioned as an agile user-focused product.


Kain Warwick - Founder Synthetix

A mobile native integration of defi protocols is critical to increasing accessibility of DeFi.


Gabriedle Rigo - CEO RigoBlock

DexWallet is a gateway to the decentralized world, reducing friction for the user, a much needed app for crypto adoption.


Tom Bean - CEO BZX

The DexWallet app provides a slick interface and intuitive gateway to decentralized finance. The team behind it is talented and knows what they are doing. I look forward to partnering with them while we work together to build out the future of finance, and unleash the power of the blockchain.

A Whitelabel Wallet
for your Company

All the DexWallet functionalities and much more in a ready-to-use solution that will give a kick to your crypto-project.

DAI, xDAI and 500+ Erc20

Swap Tokens instantly

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